10 Ways to help your Child all day Every Day!

Top ten ways to help your child's speech / language skills progress all day every day:

1)    Remember - every moment is a learning opportunity.

2)    Giving your child choices is an easy way to create communication opportunities.  For example, do you want yogurt or cereal?  The blue shirt or the red shirt?  It also helps him feel like he has some say in what happens during his day.

Pet Therapy with Rachele and Torey

Hello Parents of Seven Bridges Therapy,

Since grad school, I have always been interested in the positive
effects of therapy dog’s while working with children during speech
therapy sessions and hope to own a therapy dog myself one day to
work with students.



Get your kids out and about while working on social skills, too!

Basket or bag
Several choices of snacks NOTE: If your child is working on specific speech sounds, you can pick items that have that the target sound in it -- peaches, pears, pretzels, popcorn, etc.

Green Zone Kite Puppet

Lee-Anne Bloom, OTR/L

This is what we are up to in OT this week:

Green Zone Kite Puppet
We cut (fine motor), put on a face (body awareness), assembled (more fine motor) to make a green zone puppet kite. The child named him Green Zone. When asked why his name was Green Zone, the student said, "because he is happy" (working on emotional regulation). He is showing he is happy by the smile on his face.

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