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Recommendations for Home to work on Fluency

Allow your child to finish what he/she is saying and never interrupt when he/she is dis-fluent

- Restate what you heard him/her say. Model it in a slow and calm voice. "I heard you say...", "That is a...".

- During play time you can model (without discussing it) how you can control your voice/sounds/actions: fast/slow (running/walking), bumpy/smooth (cars driving), loud/quiet (roaring/squeaking), etc. Have fun with it : )

- At home and in the car maintain a mellow/calm and slow paced conversational pace

- Reduce direct questions (you can model expected responses, provide multiple choice)

- Reduce the complexity and length of your sentences when speaking to or around him/her

- Increase non-verbal time with your child (non-talking time): play catch, copy cat with your body, riding bikes, swimming, acting like animals, etc. again, HAVE FUN 🙂

-You can model deep breathing before letting out sounds (pretending you are exhausted after running) holding your belly and watching your hands rise up and fall as you exhale "ahhhhhh". Again, not telling him/her what you are doing. We are not bringing any attention to his/her actions. This is all about what WE do and what we model.

* Set aside time each day (10+ is minutes ideal but do what is manageable) that is guaranteed at the same time for your child to have child-directed play time with mom/dad/caregiver... you can put it on the calendar so he/she knows and can expect it. During this time, your child will choose the topic/activity and you will ask no questions. You can rephrase his utterances. Child: "A yellow hat.", YOU: "Yes a yellow hat. It's a nice yellow hat.". Other than that you will let him/her guide the play, you will follow.


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