Check out the following local organizations for exercise classes designed for children with special needs:

For more information on Autism and PDD:

For more information on Apraxia of Speech:

For more information on dyslexia and learning disabilities:

For more information on Speech-Language Pathology services:

If you need an excellent Educational Consultant contact

We work closely with the following reputable pediatrician offices:

  • Pediatric Medical Group415-242-5433
    Dr. Harris, Dr. Fernandez, Dr. Dianne Gee
  • Stonestown Pediatric Medical
    Drs. Sollod , Halloran, Fung, Sollod, and Tucker
  • Dr. Sonja Huie and Dr. Diana Tang-Duffy415-379-6700
  • Drs. Patton, Aicardi, Gonda, Ernster, Dana, Piel, & Schultz415-668-0888
  • Noe Valley Pediatrics
    Drs. Kaplan, Schwanke, and Anne
  • SF Bay Pediatrics
    Drs. Gin, Goldstein, Johnson, Miller, Pepitone, and Crosby
  • Bay Area Pediatrics650-756-4200
    Drs. Breder, Barra-Stevens, Jain, Perez, Ribeiro,Anada,
    Berston, Gilless, Malina, and Zaglin
  • Town and Country Pediatrics
    Drs. Bernsten, Wright, Rosenbaum, Saffa, and Frazee
  • Pacific Pediatrics
    Drs. Solomon, Rosteck, David, and Kelly
  • Drs. Fukuda, Edwards, and McMahon

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