Hear how Seven Bridges Therapy treatments have improved the lives of both children and their parents

I have seen major strides in E's speech, presentation and confidence. Unprompted by me, last week her teacher said that E talks all the time. Over the past week, I have spent additional time in her classroom, and I was shocked at how E expresses herself.

The work you do changes lives and not one day passes that we do not recognize just how truly meaningful it is. Your passion for your profession is so evident and admirable.


I am very pleased with the great progress that my son has made since attending speech therapy sessions. At 20 months old, he hardly spoke any words and was introduced to sign language. After attending bi-weekly sessions for over a year, he has opened up and improved in his language and vocabulary. Mega recognizes each child is unique and different


Our last session was difficult for me since I know how much N has bonded with Jodi. She has been a big part of his growth over the last year. I know a lot of the "games" not only helped his speech development, but his social skills at school and home. I really feel fortunate that we were able to ...Read More


L is doing incredibly well, thanks mainly to all your great work. His speech is completely normal and he is reading at an 8th grade level in 4th grade (he loves reading; he reads 3000 pages a week!). I cannot thank you enough for what you did for L.

My son (now age 5) has been going to Seven Bridges for speech therapy since he was 2. I cannot explain in words how much our family has been affected by his experiences with the therapists. Every therapist has been extremely attentive to his needs and progress, helping him to continually make advances ...Read More

I was really concerned about his speech, possible Autism diagnosis, and lack social cues. I was also really concerned because this is completely out of pocket. However, this experience has been completely worth it. Nathan has improved tremendously over the last few months. He has mastered several ...Read More


Our two-year-old loves Mega and looks forward to her speech therapy appointments. Mega has coached the rest of our family how to help Olivia on a daily basis develop her sounds and words.


We would like to tell you how much improvement N has made since coming to you. N has been with other therapists before but no other ones have had the same success with him as you have. Your patience and ability to get him to say the words and phrases that you want him to, your enthusiasm and how you can communicate it to him are really impressive.
On top of all that is your empathy and warmth to which N responds so well!

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