Speech and Language Holiday Ideas


Speech and Language Holiday Ideas-The holidays are typically known for being a fun and memorable time for children and their families but it can also be a time that routines change with school days and vacations, increased time with extended family, and traveling which can be stressful for children and parents. Below are some ideas to help support you during the holidays and ways to encourage language development.


Social Learning

Keep the daily routine the same. Use a visual schedule for activities of daily events and talk about the changes for the day.


Before a new experience, talk with your child about what is expected when greeting extended family, appropriate body language, and possible conversation topics. Look up where you will be going, use google maps to “show” them where you will be and even plan a trip to a park.


Discuss how to accept presents and an expected way to respond if the child does or doesn’t like a gift. 


Practice problem solving for different situations. What if it’s really cold outside? What should you wear? 


Expressive Language

Talk about the categories of the holidays. For example: ice skating, presents, twinkle lights, snow, etc.


Describe objects: Reindeers have antlers, they’re an animal, they live in the forest. Snowflakes are cold, they fall from the sky, they can melt. 


Make a picture book of fun activities that the child participates in. For example, going to the christmas tree lot, lighting the Hanukkah menorah, opening presents, etc.


Work on sequencing activities for how to wrap a present and the materials that are needed. 

  1. Get materials: wrapping paper, scissors, tape, present
  2. Cut the wrapping paper
  3. Wrap the present
  4. Write the recipient's name 


Below are some fun and easy crafts to make with your child. Have fun and happy holidays!

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