The key to therapy-CUEING


If hearing language all around him was enough, your child would not be in speech therapy right now. We need to give your child another way of taking in information, not just auditorily. Cueing, or prompting, is the key. In therapy we cannot just tell your child what to say all the time and you should not be doing so at home either. When we simply tell our children what to say, we are not involving him in the thinking process and thus the learning process. Children can copy after us without really thinking about it. For the child to truly learn, we need to start taking steps backward and start cueing him or reminding him of what to say. This is the bridge between us telling him what to say and him thinking of what to say all by himself.  Your therapist will determine how your child learns and what cues work best for him.
Shannon Kong, MS, CCC

Speech-Language Pathologist

CEO Seven Bridges Therapy

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